Abílio Azevedo.

GoLogics Mentoring

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo

I mentored the 1st GoLogics mentorship of the Superlógica Group. In this mentorship, we follow some of Alura's courses!

First week

We made the Pong game using https://scratch.mit.edu/ and also using Javascript in the editor https://editor.p5js.org/:

Also developing a cart game:

Second week

Third week HTML5 and CSS3 part 3: Working with forms and tables. https://www.alura.com.br/curso-online-html5-css3-formularios-tabelas HTML5 and CSS3 part 4: Advancing CSS. https://www.alura.com.br/curso-online-html5-css3-avancando-css

We continue our website with a form to contact the barbershop.

Fourth week JS on the Web: Manipulate the DOM with JavaScript https://www.alura.com.br/curso-online-javascript-manipulacao-dom EXTRA - Git and Github: Control and share your code https://www.alura.com.br/curso-online-git-github-controle-de-versao

We created a task list using HTML, CSS and manipulating the DOM with JS. Also, we learned how to version our code with GIT.

Final Challenge You will develop a rocket game with p5.js, place it inside an HTML page and upload it to a repository on GITHUB.


  • The game must contain a ship (actor) and rockets (enemies)
  • The ship can only fly left and right
  • Rockets can only travel in a straight line
  • The ship must dodge the rockets, if any rocket hits the ship, you LOSE
  • For each rocket that the ship diverts, it must count one point
  • Enemies can spawn anywhere on the X axis, remember to limit the screen width


  • Enemies can have random speed Make the ship shoot and when it hits a rocket, destroy it and add a point. To generate some random number use the following function:
  • Math.random() * (maximum - minimum) + minimum Reference: https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_random.asp

Game operation video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yN3hFyqR5wsD9J3P_gf1eAY7FKY0u6UC/view?usp=sharing

HTML PAGE: The page will have:

  • a Header with the title of your game
  • the embedded game
  • a Game evaluation form

REPOSITORY: Upload the HTML, CSS code in the GITHUB repository created by you https://github.com/kibolho/GoLogics---HTML-CSS-e-JS

THANK YOU GUYS!!! Turma GoLogics 1

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo
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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo


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