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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo

Amazon's AWS is a leader in cloud services, offering a wide range of capabilities. Here are some of the key offerings:

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) - Allows renting virtual server capacity on demand to run applications. The user specifies CPU, memory, storage and networking configuration. Makes it easy to scale resources up and down as needed.

ECS (Elastic Container Service) - Container orchestration service that supports Docker. Makes it easy to deploy and manage containers. Integrates with DevOps tools.

S3 (Simple Storage Service) - Highly scalable and durable object storage service. Useful for storing images, videos, backups and data for web applications.

RDS (Relational Database Service) - Managed relational database, supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and others. Removes the need to manage database infrastructure.

DynamoDB - Highly scalable NoSQL database with automatic replication across availability zones. Useful for applications needing high performance and scalability.

Lambda - Enables running code without provisioning servers. Useful for asynchronous processing and workloads that need to scale massively.

These are some of the key capabilities of AWS. The cloud brings agility, cost elasticity and near unlimited capacity to modern applications.undefined

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo
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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo


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