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Factory Health Monitor

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo

Factory Health Monitor

The Factory Health Monitor is a full-stack application designed to evaluate the health of various machines in an automobile manufacturing plant. The application comprises a React Native mobile app built with Expo and a Node.js backend API built with Express.js and Prisma ORM.


The backend serves as the API layer, providing endpoints for user authentication, machine health data retrieval, and user data management. It is connected to an SQLite database for data persistence using the Prisma ORM. The backend features:

  • User authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and refresh tokens
  • Endpoints to record machine health data
  • OpenAPI documentation generated with Zod for easy API exploration

Factory Monitor Docs

Mobile App

The mobile app, built with React Native and Expo, provides a user interface for logging in, viewing machine health data, and accessing user data. It leverages React Query for efficient data state management and features:

  • User authentication and session management
  • Fetching and displaying machine health data
  • Accessing and displaying user data

Key Features

  • User authentication and session management
  • Data state management using React Query
  • Persistence layer on the backend with Prisma ORM and SQLite
  • Recording machine health data on the backend
  • OpenAPI documentation for easy API exploration

Future Enhancements

  • Migrating to a production database
  • Implementing a section to display historical scores and trends
  • Adding visualizations (charts, graphs) for machine health score trends
  • Expanding test coverage
  • Implementing additional features based on requirements

The Factory Health Monitor application aims to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring and evaluating the health of machines in an automobile manufacturing plant, leveraging modern technologies and best practices for authentication, state management, and data persistence.

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo
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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo


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