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Olho no Lance

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo

App for tracking and sharing plays from all sports on non-professional courts in Brazil. Through technology and cameras, the plays on amateur and recreational courts are recorded and made available on the app built with React Native.

I worked on building the React Native app from scratch (figma -> architecture -> design system -> screens -> flows) and automated its deployment using fastlane and bitrise for app stores.

Libraries used:

  • react - JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  • react-native - Framework for building native mobile apps using React

  • @react-navigation/native - Routing and navigation components for React Native

  • react-redux - Binds Redux state to React components

  • redux - State management and central data store

  • redux-saga - Middleware for managing Redux side effects

  • react-query - Caching and synchronization for async data

  • axios - Promise based HTTP client for calling APIs

  • styled-components - Declarative CSS styling using JavaScript

  • react-native-gesture-handler - Gesture handling system

  • react-native-reanimated - Animations and interactions

  • react-native-svg - SVG rendering for React Native

  • react-native-screens - Native navigation primitives

  • react-native-vector-icons - Customizable icons

  • react-native-code-push - Deploying app updates without app store

  • Storybook - UI component explorer and documentation toolundefined

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo
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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo


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Experienced Software Engineer with degree in Electrical Engineering with over 8 years of hands-on expertise in building robust and scalable mobile, web and backend applications across various projects mainly in the fintech sector. Mobile (React Native), Web (React and Next.JS) and Backend (Node.JS, PHP and DJANGO). My goal is to create products that add value to people. - © 2024, Abílio Azevedo