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Revelo - My experience

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Abílio Azevedo
Abílio Azevedo

Hello world!

Today I'm going to share a bit about my experience with Revelo, the largest tech recruitment platform in Brazil that connects developers with on-site and remote job opportunities in the United States, Brazil, and Latin America.

My journey with Revelo began over a year ago (28/07/2022) with a message from Tamyris: revelo first contact I went through their selection process, which was transparent, well-guided, and personalized. They handled negotiations with the hiring company right up to receiving the job offer. I signed a service agreement involving three parties: myself, the hiring company, and Revelo.

The salary is in dollars, and Revelo provides various payment options:

  • Dollar payment to an international account
  • Dollar payment using a correspondent service (Husky, Remessa Online, etc.)
  • Brazilian real payment to a Brazilian account (PIX) - $30 fee
  • Crypto payment

In addition to the agreed-upon salary, Revelo offers the following benefits:

  • Gympass - Co-participation
  • Access to coworking spaces
  • 21 business days of vacation
  • Support from the Revelo team
  • English course
  • Health plan - Co-participation
  • Accounting partner - $50 co-participation (for companies under Simples Nacional) $65 co-participation (for companies under Lucro Presumido)
  • GitHub Copilot

Upon starting the job, I received access to company resources and also some access through Revelo to:

  • Communication: Slack
  • Vacation Management (PTO), Invoices: Revelo GO app

In the Revelo developer community, we have online events from time to time, and there's also a content network where we can write and read articles in our field: link.

If you're a developer, you can register in the Revelo database. Even if you're not actively looking for a new job, you can still benefit from Revelo's offerings in your current position through this link.

If you're a recruiter and want access to the entire Revelo database and the ecosystem to fill job positions, reach out to them here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Best regards and until next time!

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